About Us

Insurance is the hidden gem of the financial world that seems to be overlooked by those looking to get into finance. It is fast paced, dynamic and if you’re in the right sector, very lucrative.

So why don’t more high calibre individuals chose insurance as a career? Simply put, because they don’t know about it.

The Insurance Game aims to plug the information gap and give you all the information you need to break into the best sectors of the industry, whilst providing you with the tools you need to get there.

The only other voices out there come from the ‘establishment’ and they, of course, don’t give you the full picture. All of our case studies and examples come from people who have worked or still work in the industry, so as to provide you with the most true to life information there is. The policy here is: if it’s awful, say it’s awful, but when something is truly great, we’ll give you all the information about it so you don’t miss out.

It is a tough market out there at the moment and there’s a lot of competition for jobs, especially within the sectors The Insurance Game concentrates on. However, there is everything you need on this site to formulate a winning strategy and get you into the best positions the industry has to offer.